Old Reciever and subwoofer


Dec 2, 2015
So, I'm trying to hook up a left and right speaker to an old reciever which I got working.. And I'm going to use the red and white cable to 3.55mm to go to my computer, But I also want to use my subwoofer. But I don't know how to do that? Help would be awesome. I'm fairly new to this kind of stuff.

The subwoofer is a Inspire 5.1 5200
With 4 red and white cable hookups
And a center speaker (Which I think I might need to use if I can convert it to 3.55mm)
Green(Front) Black (Rear) (Center Subwoofer)

(If I didn't explain enough, I would be happy to tell you more information.. I just really would love for someone to help since I'm new to this kind of stuff and it's stressing me out!)
That 5.1 system is self powered so you can't connect it to the speaker outs of a surround receiver directly.
To connect the entire speaker setup if the receiver doesn't have a full set of line outputs (like a PC but with individual RCA plugs) then you would need 3 stereo speaker to line level adapters like this one.
If you want to connect just the sub and your receiver has a subwoofer out (RCA jack) then you can connect the sub but will need a stereo 3.5mm plug at the sub end and 2 RCA plugs at the other. One of these plugs will be for the subwoofer out, the other for a center channel output. It will be obvious which is which since the center out will produce little if any bass so you won't hear much with that connection.
For the sub to be self powered it would need a power cord as well as an RCA input. Cheap passive speakers sometimes use an RCA jack since they are cheap and can't be shorted.
That looks like a mini system not a receiver. May not have any outputs other than speaker outs. Connect a speaker to line level converter to the same connections as the speakers are connected. That will give you a feed for the subwoofer but it may not balance properly.
There equipment you have is not really meant to be used together but it isn't likely you will cause any damage.


Dec 16, 2011
I didn't quite understand what are you trying to do but let me try to give you some advice.

First of all, what is the audio source? Stereo or 5.1?
If it's stereo, you can hook up the "receiver" and the 5.1 System in parallel (each one working independently but fed with the same stereo signal from the PC line out).

If you PC has 5.1 sound output, link the "receiver" to the front left and right outputs, and the 5.1 system to the subwoofer, front center, rear left and read right outputs.
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