Old Samsung HD TV, new Sony Blu-ray player, new Netgear dual-core router. Netflix keeps reloading?


Dec 3, 2013
I recently acquired Hughes satellite internet, bought a new router and blu-ray player. Computer and handheld devices work fine, only streaming Netflix is an issue, which starts re-loading after about 90 seconds. This continues, and after every reload, there are pieces of the movie missing.

This is my SECOND Router AND Blu-ray player (after I returned the two, month-old, original pieces) (gotta love Costco) for doing exactly the same thing. I had been in voice contact with Netflix during my original router and blu-ray player problems, and they advised "changing the ports", which I finally accomplished after two hours on the phone with Netgear (who were very helpful)

I still have the same issue. Any suggestions to what I am doing wrong? One Costco assistant suggested that my 7..? year-old HDTV could not handle modern hi-speed uploads and that I should buy a new TV. Is this possible? Can I reasonably assume that Modem, Router and Blu-ray player are doing their job? I am 70yrs old, and not too up-to-speed with modern technology.

What suggestions and/or advice/real-life experience can you share with me?

Thank you.