On screen display from receiver dosent show up on my 4k tv

Jul 27, 2018
I have a visio 4k smart TV with Netflix and all other streaming apps. I have a brand new onkyo TX - nr676 receiver that is 4k compatible with the TV. The problem is when I watch Netflix thru the visio smart cast feature I can't see any on screen display from my receiver to make any adjustments to the sound quality. I have sound thru the HDmi and arc enabled ports but no display from receiver to adjust anything.
Your TV does not show Receiver' video output, but its own. So, receiver is sending it's onscreen display to the TV on ARC port, but TV does show video on another (internal) port. Your TV just does not overlays the two ports.

Forget "smartness" of your TV, and get proper streaming device (Roku, Amazon Stick, Chromecast etc) directly connected to the receiver.
If your really have to see the onscreen display of the receiver while watching the smart apps in the TV then you can try connecting another display to the 2nd HDMI output of the receiver. That may not show the onscreen info so plan b would be to split the receiver main HDMI output and connect the auxiliary display there.
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