only intel hd showing in display drivers but nvidia geforce 920 also installed in hardware


Jan 3, 2017
wel my laptop is dell inspiron 15 3558 it has a ge force 920 nvidia but the thing is when i run nvidia graphics driver it says graphic driver could not find compatible graphic hardware and also the display drivers show that theere is only intel hd graphics 5500, please help


Question from Junaid_9 : "dell inspiron 3558 with nvidia geforce 920 but in the display driver menu can only see intel hd graphics 5500 ple"



Jan 3, 2017

well i tried downloading many drivers from dell but still it wont work


Jul 28, 2012

I'm sorry, but I couldn't find any config for a 3558 with any Nvidia chip. You may have a different model?
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