Optical Cable Sample Rate and Bit Depth Help


Mar 24, 2017
So I have a Razer Leviathan, a 5.1 Surround Soundbar w/ subwoofer, hooked up already.

I've been using a golden audio jack (normal audio cord) for my PC to connect to this Razer soundbar at 24 bit, 192000 Hertz.

According to Science or whatever, the Optical Cable sounds better, but the only way to hook it up to my PC is by connecting it to my 55 inch 4k tv which I use as my main display anyways, but only supports the highest of 24 bit, 48000 Hertz for audio.

Clearly this soundbar can support up to 24 bit, 192000 Hertz. How do i set it to that rate once again through my tv as it's currently connected using the Optical Cable.

Once again, my TV only supports 24, 48000 Hertz as the highest, but I do not use my tv for ANY audio. I only use my speaker as i have before with the normal audio cord so there's realistically no difference since i'm using the same speaker.

*Edit - Is there anything I can download to make it so I can change the Hertz for the TV in my Playback devices.
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