Question orange led light cant turn on

Dec 16, 2019
based on my topic , i still can charge my laptop , but the led lights of my laptop for the battery are not turn on , is there any effect if i am just let it be like that and didn't bring my laptop to services? thank you.
I am not sure I understand what you are asking so let me ask...

You say the lights aren't turning on, but you didn't say if the laptop itself is turning on or not. Is it? If it is, the fact that the lights aren't might annoy, but won't effect it working. If you wanted that fixed you would have to take it to a tech or the manufacturer (if under warranty).

However, if it is not showing lights and not starting at all, that is different. Then again you would still have to have it looked at.

But, as stated before, if it is just the lights, but everythign works, there really isn't a reason to worry unless it just bothers you.
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