OS Reinstall Image with applications inside already.

Feb 26, 2018
Hello and Hi everyone,

Im new to this forum and I was looking to find some help.
Im trying to start my own tech support job and some of the things I've been thinking of is to create a a reinstall image that can be installed with all the basic software; antivirus, office suite, adobe acro and flash, chrome, etc.

Im wonder if there is a way the pre-install any application inside a set image and the use the image on machines which need, cutting the time needed to give it back to the customer.

Is this possible?
Applications when installed also change the registry.

So the answer would be no.

If the machines were all the same with all the same hardware you could make an image.



But for a one stop shop for a lot of basic installs, see ninite.com
A single small .exe, and it installs anything you've selected. Run it after the OS is installed.