Overclocking an Advent 4211 / MSI Wind U100 via the BIOS?



I've heard that you can overclock the Advent 4211 / MSI Wind's processor by using an option inside the BIOS. But when i look in the BIOS on my Advent 4211C i don't see any options. This is because i need the MSI BIOS, not the Advent BIOS.

Is it safe to swap the BIOS over from Advent to the MSI one? If it is safe to do so, i will be able to overclock my netbook! :)

It should be okay.most people with the advent goes for the msi bios.only thing to take note your windows might be mark as non genuine after you flash the msi bios and boot up.as different manufactures have bios of its own.not really a big damage since u can reinstall the os back.or u can just use programs like set fsb to oc ur cpu without flashing bios.