Panasonic 4k tv interference / noise / artifacts flashing on screen


Dec 24, 2016
Hi Guys

I bought a Panasonic 59 inch 4k tv about 6-8 weeks ago and have been seeing some sort of noise/interference across all HDMI inputs and even while in netflix that is built in so not using HDMI. i posted a short youtube video (2 vids merged so there is a break in the middle with the branding of the app used) see here

I thought it was having the tv in an extension socket so bought better ones but the problem remained. the socket was connected to a timer plug that turns off my devices during the night so i plugged the TV directly in the wall socket but the problem remained. see below for the trouble shooting i have done.

1) new extension socket - didnt solve
2) took timer plug out of the equation - didnt solve
3) put ferrite beads on all power leads of the surrounding devices inc the Tv - didnt solve
new hdmi cables (even though it happens when hdmi isnt being used i.e in built in apps like netflix - didnt solve
4) [strike]i am going to turn off surrounding equipment one by one. so far the only thing that i can say it seemed may have helped was turning off the sky q box. this was only a short test and this issue is random so may not have helped but i didnt know if sky q is giving off some sort of interference that's causing problems even when the sky q box isnt on the screen at that time.[/strike] nothing helped by unplugging. although another input had less flashes than while playing sky, they were still there. it actually got worse and only turning the tv and all equipment off for about 3 minutes improved it.

any thoughts appreciated



Jul 31, 2011
Hello... it could be the TV it self... since you are seeing it in all modes and inputs. B / typically electronics defects will show themselves in the first month or so of use.
Check your Maker for suggestions or for a warranty/repair center near you... other than that, RMA and shipping might be required.


Dec 24, 2016
i really have tried to rule everything else out and can only assume the same. it is odd that it is worse when watching sky q than on other inputs.
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