jack z

Jul 9, 2016
Windows 7 professional is what I'm using Centurylinlk& Embarq phone system. The phone company says it's the computer and the local computer fixer says it's the phone fault.I know they can't find the virus in my computer My email won't allow me to open things and the computer says long script running and locks up. I think the micro soft security has a virus it show no virus when run. Not sure where to go and I'm not computer smart at my old age. Thank you jz.
Are there any other computers around? Are they experiencing any problems with respect to email, internet access, etc.? If not then the problem may not be the phone company/connections.

Can you provide more detail with respect to "computer says long script running and locks up"? Is there some number or error code presented?

Does anyone else use your computer: someone who could have downloaded some game or application? Do you know if any of the last emails you opened had an attachment or link that you clicked?

Is the "local computer fixer" a family member or friend. Or someone in the computer repair business? Thanks.

Do you have a password on all of the user accounts on the computer?