Feb 11, 2017
Hi, I have a Lenovo G50, bought it last year. Yesterday it turned off by itself and when i tried to turn it back on the screen would stay black. The two lights for power and battery would work as expected but nothing from the screen.
This morning it got worst: the pc doesn't turn on at all, no screen and no power light. I tried to take out the battery and the AC, hold the on button for 30 sec then put the battery back on and turn it on. When i do so the two lights at the front work for something like a second and afterwards everithing turns off again.
Any way to fix this?


Try to remove the RAM, also the battery, and press the button to draw the power. After that put back the RAM, and battery to reboot the laptop.

If you still have the same problem, do the same to remove the RAM, battery, draw the power. After that, but this time you should boot the laptop without the RAM. If the laptop can boot but you get the no RAM error. You will need the new RAM.

Also you can try boot the laptop without the HDD or RAM after draw the power. If the laptop will not boot at all, it is time to buy the new laptop, or depends on how many you will pay for the repairment.