PC laptop that can compete with macbook pro?


Jun 10, 2008
this is for graphic design/web design/*some* 3D modeling

im hoping someone has some experience with a good windows based laptop line they could recommend.
Ive always built my own desktops for this sort of work but might need to be a bit more mobile later this year. My good friend has always used macbook pros and recently got a new one for a price tag of something like 2400$ Id love to be below that, but mostly i just prefer windows.

so i know there are plenty of laptops out there that i can get similar specs on as far as processing power but I am having a bit more trouble looking for two primary things

- Thin form factor (comparable to Macbook pro)
- high quality screen that is not glossy (no more than 15"ish)

I was looking at dell XPS Z-series but they seemed to all have the glossy screen and i read some reviews about the heat they put off, maybe someone can confirm or deny from their own experience.
You might want to consider the 2nd generation Samsung Series 9 ultrabooks available with 13" and 15" displays.




Oct 12, 2012

Actually if you are more on to Graphics and development. Go to IBM Thinkpad w530. That suites on your needs. You might need a mobile workstations seems Macbook pro is a mobile workstation. Dell xps is not a mobile workstation, it's a ultrabook laptop that competes Macbook air. If you are a Dell fanatic, i suggest you go to Dell precision seems that's a mobile workstation from Dell. But most Americans used Thinkpad because it has a high standard and the quality is good. It also a certified partner from US Marine . But Thinkpad w530 are little bit heavy then Macbook pro. They are some might look like MacBook pro over there but they are not a mobile workstation. It's just a copycat but has no good in quality.