PC Speakers 2.1 or 2.0


Nov 13, 2014
Hey guys. I need new speakers for my pc and i am looking for a lot of them. I would prefer a 2.1 setup because i like bass(good low bass preference).
I currently have a cheap 25€ 2.1 setup but i am looking for some rgeat sound quality compared to this. I would also note that i dont want to pay a lot for the new system, that's why i am here writing to know some suggestions from you guys, great sounding speakers(looks doesnt matter), they might be 2.1 or 2.0 if the sound is worth...

I give preference to speakers with 6 inch bass+ and with a mini tweeter in each satelite(to have better highs) (driver+tweeter each).

What u think about the Microlab fc 330, microlab b77, edifier r980t, edifier m3200, wavemaster moody, speedlink 2.1 quanum/jugger/gravity, logitech? etc

I am really looking for something woth to buy, and the max price doesnt exist but i would like to spend less than 80€.

Thank you!
Any of those should be good. The Wavemaster moody satellites look exactly like the ones in my Logitech Z560 speakers that were $300 when I got them new a while back, so should sound pretty good. Edifier also has a good reputation.