Solved! pc to onkyo receiver


Nov 5, 2014
so I have my custom built gaming computer
intel i7 8086 k
asus maximus X motherboard
corsair 32 gigs of memory
evga rtx 2080 ti
monitor Asus XG32VQR two hdmi ports and display port

so I have m comptuer hooked to my older onkyo tx-nr676 receiver
the hdmi from the video card is to the receiver and then my monitor is
running off of the display port off of the video card
I have two polk t15 bookshelfs as my fronts
I have some polk owm3 as my srrounds and
polk psw10 as the sub

games it sounds awesome don't get me wrong it will rattle the walls lol.

so coming from the nvidia video card to the receiver it will say pcm dolby surround
is there anyway to get around this pcm stuff? im just kind of curious