pci disconnection error


Sep 4, 2015
I own an Asus r503u laptop. The problem is, wifi and ethernet cards are shown as disconnected from computer in the device manager when observed in the device properties. I haven't moved my laptop from the place where i keep it and it does shows a disconnection in PCI slot 4 and 5 (pci bus 1, service 0 ,function 0) in device manager properties. All i guess is there would be any heating and melting issues in motherboard or else any corruption of device drivers of PCI. Please help with the needy solutions...

Uninstalling and reinstalling the device drivers might help it to turn back on.

- Uninstall the old driver from Device Manager
- Download and install the latest driver from ASUS support site.
- Make sure to reboot your PC once the driver has been install.
- Try connecting to your wireless network again
- If all these steps fail, do a System Restore
- Restore it back to an earlier date and time when everything was working just fine
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