Pen stops working with photoshop? Should I return it?


Aug 20, 2017
bough a HP spectre x2 some days ago and everything is running excellent except for one thing. When i use the pen for 2 to 10 minutes the pens stops working along any screen touch. I can use the keyboard the gyro rotates, i have to push sleep and log in again. I updated photoshop and it happens too, i used the pen in sketch and to date it has not happened. Every driver is up to date and i even did a factory restore. Should i return it due to hardware problem or is software related something with photoshop and hp?


Aug 20, 2017
Tried with hp their best option was to to a format and if it do not work to send it to them...

Havent tried with adobe

I tried with microsoft sketch and photoshop and the stick notes, i will give it a longer try with these three though
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