Phone setting issues


Jan 3, 2018
My Samsung S7 edge has different settings for everything the screen is different and even the search engine is different. There haven't been any recent updates. I want to get my phone back to how it was before, Please help.
I understood that. What I mean is .... is it just different than you had on a different phone? If that is the case, then there is nothing really to do. Different phones have different things.

Or did you have an update of some kind on this phone and now they are different? If so, what was the update of or for?

Or did you root the device and install a different OS version and now the icons have changed? If that is the case you would have to then install the correct ROM for that phone and the prior version it was using.

More details are needed.


Jan 3, 2018
All the apps look different on the display screens, the search engine changed, the background changes everyday. None of these things were happening before.
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