Picking a Game Dev Laptop


May 20, 2015
**Basic parameters:**

* Country of purchase: USA

* Budget range: <1500 USD

* Purpose: Sofware development, Virtual Machines, Mid-range gaming, 3D rendering, casual video editing

* Screen size preference: 17" (**Requirement not prefrence**)

* OS preference (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows

* Gaming requirements: Rust, Space Engineers 30fps, mid-range settings is fine

* Other performance requirements (video editing, CAD, etc.): Solidworks, Blender ect

* Any particular style that you like): Sleek, Understated, Really like looks of Lenovo Y70

**Ranking the following quantities from most important to least important**

* Performance, Weight, Battery life

* Build quality, Performance, Price

* Performance then noise/heat


Basically I am torn between these two laptops which look to be identical in performance:

**Lenovo Y70-70 Touch** - 80DU00DNUS - Black: Web Special (The most expensive version w/ 512gb ssd)



+512gb ssd means I dont have to worry about managing which programs/data should be stored where



-glossy screen = lots of glare (why would anyone want this?)

-only 3 usb ports


**ASUS ROG GL771Jw**



+brand: I get a better impression from asus. I feel like they engineer everything better and think more about the end user. This asus laptop is also easily upgradable which I like.

+more overall storage

+display port



-cant just dump all my data willy nilly onto an ssd and not worry about it while enjoying the performance.


I would be happy with an 800 series nvidia gpu but I haven't yet found a laptop where that makes a significant price difference and still packs an SSD.

What is most important to me is snappy everyday performance, i am tired of having to wait for my laptop to boot or load basic programs.


* Is my brand preference founded in anything (ASUS vs. Lenovo)?

* Is my desire for a full ssd experience founded in anything? Are they all they are cracked up to be?

* Is there a better laptop out there that I have not considered? I know there is a nice looking acer model, but I dont trust acer? Is that suspicion founded in anything?

* If there isnt a better choice which one of these should I pick?

Thank you, any help would be appreciated.