Picture cut off on Vizio HD TV


Apr 13, 2015
We've got our cable box hooked up via HDMI to a new Vizio E series smart TV. No matter what settings we adjust, the picture is slightly cut off on the left and the right sides. We've adjusted the picture from the cable box settings, as well as from the TV settings. Our cable company walked us through the box setup, which ended up adding some picture to both sides, but there's still some cut off. They told that the only way to get the full picture is the subscribe to HD cable so the whole screen is transmitted.

We know how to change the picture on the TV to Wide, normal, zoom, etc. All that does is manipulate the cut off picture we're receiving.

Does this line about it being the regular cable make sense? Can someone explain why? To me, they would film in the full picture, so why cut it off to transmit in standard vs. just transmitting a lower quality? Thanks for any help!


Use the INFO button to see the native resolution of the program you are watching. This will help you determine he problem.
For me our basic cable has no HD channels and come in at 640x480 for compatibility with old tv's as well as the existing (old) cable company equipment.
Since 640x480 doesnt match well to a 1080 screen you end up with borders. Some tv's, like my samsung, offer option to remove the borders but that distorts the image or cuts off parts of the image if it zooms in to make it fit. You cant win.

My solution. Cancelled cable and bought an antenna. Wife gets her shows in HD for free since they are all on ABC. LoL


Mar 28, 2016

That worked for me (Dish network remote). It has been bothering me for months! So glad to have it fixed. Thank you!!!!
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