Pictures taken on the camera cannot be downloaded from my SD Card but clearly visible on my camers (no internal memory)

Christena Williams

Apr 12, 2015
Hello all, I need some urgent help. I have a Canon EOS Rebel SL1 camera, with a 32gb Sandisc ultra memory card. I have used the camera and the memory card without any trouble until now.

I’ve been unable to download the photos from the memory card to my computer or view them other than on the camera itself.

Initially I placed the SDCard into a card reader and selected to import them onto my laptop. I noticed it was importing a bit slower than usual. My computer first stated that I did not have enough space. I cleared space and now that they have downloaded they cannot be viewed it says they are damaged or corrupted.

This was confusing to me because the pictures are clear as day when I insert the sd card back into my camera to view.

I visited the WalMart photo center and they were viewable and I printed a couple sets for my family.

I know you may think that this means problem solved, but it is not. I run a website and need the pictured I took for work for my newest post. I am able to see all the pictures on the card up to image 274 and nothing else. There 600+ on the sd card itself.

And the DCIM folder will only show pictures to image 274 also

The funny thing is when I insert the memory card into the camera, all the pictures show fine, so at least they are on the memory card.

So I know the card isnt corrupted because it worked at Walmart and in the camers which has no internal memory.

So why are the images being labeled as corrupt?
And more importantly, how do I download these very important work images and not to mention my beach vacation pictures to my computer.?

I'm a bit confused as ALL the images I wish to save show when viewing via the camera.

Any and all assistance would be very much appreciated.

*I should note that when I say no internal memory. The camera does not have the ability to internaly store images because it does not come with that function, not because there is no room.

Mitchell Robinson

Sep 18, 2013
Hi Christena,

I have a feeling that the photos beyond 274 may have been taken as RAW files. If this is the case your computer may not be able to read them if you do not have the correct codec installed. Usually, programs like photoshop pre-install these codecs but you may be able to use a webiste to convert the RAW files if this is the case.

If they aren't RAW files then the next logical reason is that the files are corrupt to a point where your computer refuses to read them. Download a program called PhotoRec and try and recover the files using that program (Its 100% free). However, it's a lil' bit of a confronting program so you might want to look up a tutorial or walk-through.

This is the program I use for corrupt data on SD cards.

For your sake, I hope its just a matter of the files being RAW.

If you are unsure, please work out the file extension of those photos (i.e. image001.jpeg <- The red is the file extension FYI).

Hope this helped!