Playing 4-Speakers Using the Existing Two Speaker Output Terminals on the Rear of a Pioneer Surround Sound Amplifier


Apr 29, 2016
I have a Pioneer Surround Sound Amplifier with 4-301-Book Shelf Bose Speakers. Two of the four outputs failed on the rear of the amplifier, thus all I can listen to are two of the four Bose Speakers. Is it possible to hookup two sets of speakers to the positive and negative terminals on the rear of the amplifier for the right side and again for the left side, thus being able to use all four sets of speakers in stereo? Currently the speakers that are being used are opposite (diagonally) apart from each other.

BenJamminlong time

May 16, 2016
Potential for frying the amp/amps on your head unit if it isn't stable to push a 4 Ohm final load as most home audio receivers I have ever owned are rated from 6-16 Ohms, some having a switch to designate said impedance levels.
The Bose speakers are 8 ohms so if your Pioneer can handle 4 ohm loads you can double up the speakers on the same amp channels. If you are going to use the rear amps you will have to set the receiver to a multi channel stereo mode (not just stereo which would only work on the front amps) if the front left right amps are blown.
Using the 4 speakers isn't going to give you surround sound.


Apr 29, 2016

I realize that this unit will NOT be giving me Surround Sound, AND, will be playing in Stereo with the speakers positioned diagonally opposite from each other on custom shelving that I built and installed in our 16' by 16' Gazebo here in the Philippines where I retired to in May 2014.

Since the each speaker (4 of them) are rated at 8-Ohms each, what would happen if I overloaded the input / output with two speakers each?
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