Playing destiny need a better tv than my 2006 dynex tv from BB.


Nov 27, 2013
OK, my Dynex tv from BB is old ...not even 50 inch (42 diag.) I need a replacement cause I cant really enjoy destiny that well. I need a suggestion for a 50-55 inch max, HDTV solution wireless and smart can be optional ...It's time to retire my TV ...don't care about 4k ..120hz min ..240 pref. and a gaming mode ..please help ...
You need to give a BUDGET.

In case you don't know, these HDTV's don't accept more than a 60Hz signal. They artificially create new frames by buffering several frames and analyzing them (240Hz gives three fake for every real). This should NEVER be used for gaming as it creates a delay nor should it be used for movies either as it doesn't look correct.

It's really only useful for sporting events like hockey that help it look smoother.

Here's a few tips to look for:

1) Smart TV features?
2) Gaming mode
3) 24Hz mode for movies
4) 3D?

I recommend SAMSUNG, but since you gave no budget or specified all the features (like 3D) it's hard to recommend.

I just bought the Samsung BD-H6500 BluRay player after an agony of research but I needed the Netflix and video streaming features as my TV doesn't have them.