Question How to connect my TV and a Bluray player to my home theatre

Jan 19, 2020
I have a Home Theatre [named HT next] (Samsung HT-J5150) connected to my TV (LG E8) using the HDMI-ARC port. Everything is working fine and I have a 5.1 audio both on my TV and my HT Bluray player. Here are some details about the connection / hardware:



A highspeed HDMI cable is connecting the TV (via HDMI IN 2-ARC) to the HT (via HDMI OUT). The problem is that I also have a 4K Bluray player (Sony UBP-X800) and I don't know how to connect it to the HT.


There's only one HDMI port on my HT, and no optical port on my Bluray player.
I've heard of HDMI splitters, so I've tried one. It was an ESYNiC 4K x 2K. Here are the instructions provided with the product:

I did as shown in the pictures:
  • HDMI IN 2-ARC (TV) -> HDMI OUT (repeater)
  • HDMI IN (repeater) -> HDMI OUT 1 AUDIO (Bluray player) (but also tried with port 2)
  • Optical OUT (repeater) -> Optical IN (Home Theatre)
The best I've got was being able the hear the front speakers with the 4K player (but no 5.1) while not hearing anything when switching back to the TV channels.
I suppose I'm doing something wrong, but what?

Edit: CEC options are enabled on all hardware.
Did you set the TV audio option to PCM?
Try to set the 4k blu ray player to PCM as well

Should work with your current setup, I think

Do you have a link where you bought this "Repeater"?

The Samsung and LG are connected fine
connect the blue ray player to the TV via HDMI
and the coax digital audio from the blue ray player to the optical Samsung HT via a converter (coax to optical)
or with your "repeater" from "HDMI only AUDIO" to repeater HDMI in, repeater optical out to Samsung optical in (maybe some settings in the devices have to be altered)
select "PASS" instead of TV (ARC) on the repeater
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Jan 19, 2020
Thanks a lot for your reply. I'm at work right now, but I'll try your suggestions either tonight or tomorow. I'll keep you updated with the result.