Please Help Me Decide on a New Laptop!


Aug 15, 2013
Hi, I'm currently looking into replacing my old laptop. Here are some of my specifics:

I'm a college student so I need it to do school work/videos/general stuff and be compact for the most part.
My budget is $700 or less.
I'm a casual gamer (DOTA2, WoW occasionally, etc.), so a dedicated graphics card would be nice but not required.
I want 6GB ram or more and at least a 500GB HD.
I would also like a decent battery life to last multiple classes without needing a charge.

I've found a few options which I'm considering:

-Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition ( [It's got all the performance I'm looking for but it's bulky]

-Sony Vaio Fit 14E ( [Compact and sleek but poor battery life]

-Asus S56CA-DH51 ( [Numpad would be nice but no dedicated graphics card]

I'm open to any and all thoughts or suggestions. Thank you!