Question Please Help

Mar 16, 2019
I have an LG Treasure. It says SD card up 32gb is acceptable. I bought a SanDisk 64 GB imagemate microsdxc us-1. Now, how in the hell do I get this clunker of a phone to take or accept my pictures. The phone is very sluggish do I thought memory was the answer. Please somebody help. Thank you.
If the phone only allows for a 32GB card then it won't allow you to access or use a 64GB one. You need to have the right one for the card to work correctly.

Also, if the phone is slow, you likely have way to much on it and way to much running at the same time. When an app is not actively in use, it should be closed and the phone should be restarted (turned off and back on) regularly, as just closing an app doesn't get you all the resources back.

Now if the problem is you are running out of room/space, then you would (as stated above) need a SD card with the correct amount of space, and to move files to the card rather than keeping them on the device. I am only talking files, not apps.