please reply and HELP! ASAP - sony ericsson xperia z vs htc one (honest and unbiased opinion)

sony ericsson xperia z vs htc one (honest and unbiased opinion)

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  • some other smart phone of the same price (as in Canada those 2 have almost exact price) and why (pro

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Feb 16, 2012
Can anyone please give me a honest and unbiased answer as to which of the 2 (Sony Ericsson Xperia Z and HTC One) is best to buy so i can buy one ASAP...

im not worried about the price diff of the 2 as they both have almost same price here in Canada (~649 CAD)
I would select SOLUTIONS request but only one can be selected. I have put a poll but also please do write 'WHY?'

thx :)


Dec 19, 2013
Hopefully you've already purchased your HTC One, but if you have not, let me tell you a few more reasons why the HTC One is the phone to get:

First off - if you read any reviews of the HTC One you will find that just about every online reviewer has rated it as their favorite and in most cases called it the best smartphone in the world.

Camera - not just the sensor but the entire experience. It captures amazing pictures in all kinds of situations, but it also does these killer images called ZOE - it's a picture with a 3 second video that makes the picture come alive in your gallery. They also create these highlight videos that look and feel very professionally done. I get compliments all the time when i share the highlight videos, and they take no effort on my part!

Design - hands down the most beautiful smartphone on the planet today. It's all metal except for the glass. It feels incredible when you hold it with this beautiful curve on the back. and the front design is incredibly unique with dual front facing speakers.

Speaking of speakers - the audio is incredible. the front speakers can produce some really nice sound and are great for use in your office, bedroom, hotel, and almost any place you'd want to listen to music without headphones.

Then there are the specs - high end processor, lots of RAM, multiple storage options - 32GB or 64GB, and more.

The HTC One will definitely be a great choice for you!