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  1. jazz34

    Music from headphones's sound's a bit blurry.

    So I have these headphones from an old Sony Ericsson mobile phone,even though they work fine on my new smartphone(it's a ZTE) when I plug them in my pc's front panel the sound of the music is blurry and distorted,my drivers are ALL updated I make sure of that almost every week in order to keep...
  2. R

    pls some one help me

    Can somebody help me I have tried alot I have cleared the cashe of playstore,google play service framework,... I don't know what to do my phone is Sony Ericsson :( please helppppppp
  3. N

    My phone won't charge!

    Hi. I have a problem with my phone Sony Ericsson R800, more exactly, i have a Xperia Play. I know it's so old, now i have a Samsung Galaxy S4, but i really like that Xperia Play. So, my phone won't charge, i don't know what is his reason.A thing is, the light (that on the power button) says is...
  4. Q

    lost my phone

    Hi please can u hlep me to fiend my mobile lost last 4 days a go IMEI number is sony ericsson ... please tell me where thanks
  5. S

    Mobile connection to the internet using my pc

    can I connected my Sony Ericsson to the internet using my pc?please
  6. P

    clean master deleted all my photos from can I get them back ?

    I seem to have lost all photos from Sony Ericsson xperia arc s Mobile...can I get them back ?..I think clean master did it.
  7. K

    spare for my phone

    i have a sony ericsson w705 mobile phone with a faulty lcd screen that doesn't display! i intend to replace the lcd screen of my phone! Can anyone suggest where i can buy branded high quality lcd spare for my phone with same display quality that came with the phone from its manufacturer!?
  8. V

    my memory card is corrupted in my sony ericsson u1 how can i repair them plz help

    :ouch: Please help my i have very important data in my memory card
  9. A

    using cellphone power adaptor for tablet

    I made a mistake and used my cell phon Sony ericsson poverty adaptor for my Asus tablet . Phone charger : Input: 100- 240 VAC 150 mA 50-60Hz Output: 5 VDC 700 mA Asus tablet charger : Input :100-240V~ 0.25 A 50-60Hz Output: 5.2 V 1.35 A Pleas tell me, is it ok to do that for once ?
  10. G

    Can I update my smartphone's OS?

    Hello, my phone is a Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini (ST15, as it says in Sony PC companion). I know that the newest Android OS is 4.4 and I decided to try updating my phone. I already did update it once to 4.0.4 using Sony PC Companion but now when I enter it, it says "Your phone/tablet is up to...
  11. ashnagar

    please reply and HELP! ASAP - sony ericsson xperia z vs htc one (honest and unbiased opinion)

    Can anyone please give me a honest and unbiased answer as to which of the 2 (Sony Ericsson Xperia Z and HTC One) is best to buy so i can buy one ASAP... im not worried about the price diff of the 2 as they both have almost same price here in Canada (~649 CAD) I would select SOLUTIONS request...
  12. surtitanuj

    Which Is The Best Bass Blasting Earphone For Sony Xperia Z

    Hi All, Till now I was using Sony Ericsson Walkman Series W700i and then in the month of March 2013 I bought Sony Xperia Z. First Time I heard the sound of Sony Xperia Z and I found it is no match to bass blasting sound of Sony Ericsson W700i. When I did some R & D at that time I found that...
  13. D

    sony Xperia or the samsung galaxy 2?

    What phone would be better? My buddy got a sony xpera he wants to sell me i think it's a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S (it only says sony Xperia on it ) maybe he's with rogers. Or should i just picked up a galaxy 2 from the store they say it's like new. And it should be unlocked.
  14. E

    Phone keeps crashing, not even new.

    I used to have a Sony Ericsson with a basic Java feature, now I have a basic android phone, not so bad, cheap, works well enough, for both phones,(for my android this started just today), it simply crashes and then turns itself back on then crashes again. If I manage to somehow keep the screen...
  15. janbarber

    Sony Ericsson T630 Copy contacts with broken screen

    Hi, My wife dropped her Sony Ericsson T630 on the ground and broke the screen. The phone still works, I can still receive and make calls and so on, but the screen is completely blank. Since she was saving her contacts on the phone's memory, there's nothing stored on the sim card. I know that...
  16. M

    sony ericsson w8

    imei no. is35773703-268128-4 my email id
  17. B

    Cell phone

    hi.i lost my cell was sony ERICSSon x8 i can recover it?please help me
  18. M

    Sony ericsson p910i

    Hello, Can any body help me. I need to copy the SMS's to my PC to be able to print selected SMS's Thanks
  19. I

    What are the possibilities of mobile phones not getting turned on

    hi, i'm using a K790i model from sony ericsson. From past two days,i'm not able to switch it ON. Battery is not a problem. what will be the other possibility...pls help
  20. Z

    Store for sony ericsson symbian s60

    hello there, i have an old sony ericsson vivaz pro.. the OS is symbian s60 like nokia they have nokia store/ovi store.. so, what is the store for this phone..?? again..bad english.. thankss..
  21. X

    Sony ericsson XPERIA play.

    Hi guys, I'm planning to get Sony Ericsson XPERIA play (edition), before buying i want to know about it's quality good & bad experience! how about it's battery performance, would be all the games run smoothly, what about it's graphics quality is it identical to Iphone? I love this andriod...
  22. fantanel

    Never had a Smartphone

    Hello. As the title says, I never had a smartphone. I`m a regular 30+ years old guy who does not use Facebook, and now has a Sony Ericsson ELM mobile phone. It has served me well, but I tend to use it more and more for reading emails and browsing forums. I would like to know if there is some...
  23. J

    Mobile restore factory code sony ericsson

    Hello, how to unlock the sony ericsson K510 inserted Sim cart ?
  24. S

    Transfer calls to iPod via Bluetooth?

    Hello, Can I transfer calls from my Sony Ericsson w350i to iPod touch 4g via Bluetooth?i have successfully paired both of them and am now willing to use iPod as a phone! ;)
  25. G

    I have sony ericsson aspen windows mobile, i am facing screen alignment problem

    hi, i am sony ericsson aspen windows mobile, i facing screen alignment problem, when the phone is reset... pls help is there any tools for this
  26. J

    Why is my sony ericsson x10 not reading my sd card now that ive just got the upd

    Hello, I have just updated my sony ericsson x10 and now the phone wont read the memory card. help?
  27. S

    WMP is not working

    Hello, Windows Media Player is not working on Sony Ericsson Xperia 1 (WM 6.1). Neither can be opened nor plays any file, so ringtones are not produced. Any advice or solution. Tnx.
  28. exfileme

    Sony, LG Phone Owners Get 50GB of Free Online Storage

    Owners of Sony Ericsson Xperia handsets can get 50GB of free virtual storage thanks to Box. Sony, LG Phone Owners Get 50GB of Free Online Storage : Read more
  29. exfileme

    Sony Ericsson Dropping Ericsson Name in 2012

    Once Ericsson becomes a subsidiary of Sony next month, Android smartphones produced by the company will only sport the Sony brand. Sony Ericsson Dropping Ericsson Name in 2012 : Read more
  30. Mike20_14

    A phone for the money

    which one should i get -Acer Liquid A1 s100 neotouch S200 -Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini or any other in the price range which is not a blackberry
  31. exfileme

    It's Official: Sony Acquiring Ericsson's Share in Phones

    Sony Ericsson are now just Sony. It's Official: Sony Acquiring Ericsson's Share in Phones : Read more
  32. A

    Install another OS in the J2ME mobile

    Nowdays i am using SONY ERICSSON T715 (J2ME) mobile i am trying to install andriod OS or any other OS but i have no Android source and have not third party OS installer. Tell me is how can i install the another OS in my phone with or without removing my older J2ME basic OS.
  33. exfileme

    Sony Ericsson: Dual Core Doesn't Mean Faster

    A dual-core SoC embedded in a smartphone doesn't necessarily mean the device will be faster than a single-core phone, claims Sony Ericsson. Sony Ericsson: Dual Core Doesn't Mean Faster : Read more
  34. exfileme

    Xperia Play 4G Arriving on AT&T Next Week

    Sony Ericsson's PlayStation-certified Xperia PLAY smartphone is heading to AT&T next week sporting a new coat of paint and support for the network's 4G service. Xperia Play 4G Arriving on AT&T Next Week : Read more
  35. S

    Mobile tracker

    Hello, i have sony ericsson j105 there any mobile tracker for this mobile
  36. E

    Download ssl certificat gmail sony ericsson mobiles

    Hello, i cant use the email with sony ericsson k700i . my phone need an ssl sertificat to open email with pop3 .
  37. exfileme

    VIDEO: Minecraft Running on Xperia PLAY

    Sony Ericsson released an E3 2011 trailer sporting the Xperia PLAY running Minecraft. VIDEO: Minecraft Running on Xperia PLAY : Read more
  38. JMcEntegart

    Sony Music Japan and Sony Ericsson Get Hacked

    And the onslaught against Sony continues... Sony Music Japan and Sony Ericsson Get Hacked : Read more
  39. exfileme

    Minecraft Heading to Xperia PLAY First

    The popular block-building game Minecraft will arrive on Sony Ericsson's Xperia PLAY smartphone first, then on other iOS and Android devices. Minecraft Heading to Xperia PLAY First : Read more
  40. saxoxymoron

    I need sony ericsson w200i driver for windows 7

    Hello, dear friends i have own a pc with win7 OS . I Want to connect my sony w200i phone with my windows 7 desktop. I have installed the sony pc suite ver 6.0. But my mobile can't connected . It shows a message the driver has not installed successfully. I want the instructions and drivers...
  41. C

    No sim card in phone

    I have a sony ericsson experia x10i mobile phone and whenever i insert a sim card it is always saying that there is "NO SIM IN PHONE". CAN YOU HELP ME OUT WITH IT SO I CAN UNLOCK IT AND BE ABLE TO USE IT. The IMEI NO: is 012379001567050
  42. Marcus Yam

    Sony Ericsson Has Some Freaky Xperia Play Ads

    Pushing the boundaries of weirdness. Sony Ericsson Has Some Freaky Xperia Play Ads : Read more
  43. X

    Satio charging help please :(

    Actually am confused what kind of charger should I buy for my Sony Ericsson satio... i saw it can be charged via w800i charger which is lying with me.. whats the role of the pins in the charger.. should i carry on charging with it or should I buy a new one? thanks in advance
  44. exfileme

    Sony Ericsson Confirms the Xperia Neo

    The Xperia Neo is slated to arrive by the end of Q1 2011. Sony Ericsson Confirms the Xperia Neo : Read more
  45. JMcEntegart

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play This Spring On Verizon

    It’s been a long time rumored, and a long time teased, but the PlayStation Phone is finally here. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play This Spring On Verizon : Read more
  46. JMcEntegart

    Sony's PlayStation Phone Heading to Verizon?

    If you’ve been lusting after the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, also known as the PlayStation Phone, you might want to consider breaking your contract and moving to Verizon, because that’s apparently where the phone is headed. Sony's PlayStation Phone Heading to Verizon? : Read more
  47. JMcEntegart

    PlayStation Phone Officially Launches This Sunday

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, aka the PlayStation Phone, will be launching next Sunday, February 13. PlayStation Phone Officially Launches This Sunday : Read more
  48. exfileme

    Sony Ericsson's 'PlayStation Phone' Previewed

    Engadget got its hands on the much-rumored PlayStation Phone, and it's slick. Sony Ericsson's 'PlayStation Phone' Previewed : Read more
  49. exfileme

    PlayStation Phone ''Previewed,'' Benchmarked

    Hi-res images, specs and a "leaked" video of Sony Ericsson's Xperia Play in action. PlayStation Phone ''Previewed,'' Benchmarked : Read more
  50. exfileme

    PlayStation Phone Spotted With Xperia Branding

    More screens of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play have arrived, showing a little more refinement. PlayStation Phone Spotted With Xperia Branding : Read more
  51. S

    Sony Ericsson Satio!

    Hello everybody! I just bought a Sony Ericsson Satio in a not very trustable place, and I think they've changed the original operacional system (Symbian, I think). And now I just can't find out wich operacional system is installed!! I looked everywhere, but I just can't discover it! So I'm...
  52. exfileme

    PSP2 May Offer Early PS3 Graphics, Ports

    Sony may be planning ubiquitous gameplay between the PSP2, PlayStation 3 and possibly even the Sony Ericsson Z1. PSP2 May Offer Early PS3 Graphics, Ports : Read more
  53. tuannguyen

    Is the PSP Phone a Eureka Moment For Microsoft?

    Pictures of the upcoming Sony Ericsson Zeus smartphone leave little doubt that Sony has a good shot at attracting an influential group of young customers that should have gone to Microsoft. Is the PSP Phone a Eureka Moment For Microsoft? : Read more
  54. exfileme

    PlayStation Phone May Come in Feb 2011

    Sony Ericsson may finally reveal the PlayStation Phone in February. PlayStation Phone May Come in Feb 2011 : Read more
  55. M

    How to transfer contacts from nokia to sony ericsson

    Hello, i bought sony ericsson vivaz, and i have nokia 2330 the problem is how to transfer contact and messages from nokia to vivaz,,, by the way i have macbook and do not have windows at all please help please...
  56. P

    Can the Xperia X10, when unlocked be used on an existing verizon

    I have a 2yr contract with Verizon Wireless, but I am interested in the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 for AT&T, I saw some unlocked ones online if I bought one would I be able to use it with my existing account? and if so would it still have all the features such as timescape and all that good stuff...
  57. notechow

    Sony Ericsson v600i

    I am having difficuty in connecting my v600i to the PC using a DCU-11 cable. Has anyon got a solution for this? Thanks.
  58. buwish

    Additional Smartphone Support Resources & Contacts

    If you are unable to find a driver, software, etc... for your phone and we cannot help you out here, your best bet is to check your cell/smart phone manufacturer's support site. At these sites you can utilize knowledge bases, manuals, contact customer support, and find software updates for your...
  59. JMcEntegart

    Sony's Android-powered X10 $50 From Amazon

    Sony Ericsson has finally announced a U.S. release date for the Xperia X10, and if you've been lusting after this phone since before Christmas, you'll be happy to hear you can get it this week. Sony's Android-powered X10 $50 From Amazon : Read more
  60. N

    Lg gossip

    Hey my phone was stolen 5 months into my new contract :cry: . Although i absolutely loved my sony ericsson, i got it for $25 with the contact, and i can`t justify spending $200 on getting it again. similarly, i can`t justify spending 500 for a blackberry, especially since i don`t plan on...