Which Is The Best Bass Blasting Earphone For Sony Xperia Z


Dec 13, 2008
Hi All,

Till now I was using Sony Ericsson Walkman Series W700i and then in the month of March 2013 I bought Sony Xperia Z. First Time I heard the sound of Sony Xperia Z and I found it is no match to bass blasting sound of Sony Ericsson W700i. When I did some R & D at that time I found that earphone provided with Sony Xperia Z is crab and there is no problem with Sony Xperia Z's Walkman Player.

Then I used My friend's Apple iphone5's earphone and really stunned with the sound output it gave. When I used Apple iphone5's earphone with Sony Xperia Z it simply turned that earphone into the woofer and it was loud and was giving very tight and powerful bass.

Though I m thinking of buying Apple iphone5's earphone for My Sony Xperia Z but before making any decision I just felt that I should get best value for money and best product to Me, So required you all xperts help in this regard. My budget is 2K to 3K and I m bass crazy guy so please suggest Me a earphone which can give very powerful, tight bass output. Someone suggest Me Sennheiser CX 300 as well but I hv not tried that earphone. Also if earphone is good and can give the output which I m looking for then I m ready to increase My budget as well.

Thanks in Advance.