plugged-in laptop starts using battery instead of AC

mike ma

Jan 27, 2015
ASUS K95VB, Win2008 64bit

> ASUS adapter ADP-90YD B is plugged in, battery charged up to 100%
> I want to continue using the computer being plugged in, but after some time (randomly? not sure) it stops
> using AC power and starts using the battery again
> I have to phyically unplug the adapter from the AC outlet and re-plug it in
> order to start using AC power again (just unplugging the connector at the computer doesn't not do it)
could it have something to do with power settings? Right now I have it on the Power4Gear Battery Saving plan.
Have used other settings as well, doesn't seem to make much difference.
Or is the AC adapter faulty?
how to fix? thanks for help

Please do try to uninstall/reinstall the ACPI Battery Complaint driver from Device Manager
- Go to Device Manager and look for System Devices and expand it.
- Right click on ACPI Battery Complaint then select Uninstall.
- Reboot your laptop, that should reinstall that driver automatically once rebooted.
- Try to reproduce the same problem and see if it will still persist.
- Normally some other laptop has that safety feature so your battery won't over charge and cause damage to it.
- My suggestion is if you'll be using the laptop for a long period of time, just remove the battery first and leave the AC adapter connected while you're using it that make your battery last longer as well.

mike ma

Jan 27, 2015
Thanks for suggestion.
In System devices I see only 5x(!) ACPI Fan, ACPI Fixed Feature Button, ACPI Lid, ACPI Power Button, ACPI Sleep Button, and (2x) ACPI Thermal Zone
Under Batteries are 2 items - Microsoft AC Adapter, Microsoft ACPI - Compliant Control Method Battery.
Any relevance there?


Jan 14, 2017

Did you update BIOS, before you faced with the issue? If so, here is common problem described The problem is not in the OS. This is BIOS power management setting and unfortunately I have no idea how to solve it.


Nov 22, 2013
This is a massively old post that was necro'd once already.

This is NOT a problem, all laptops do this today. Trickle charging to keep the battery topped off shortens the life span more than letting the battery fall %10 and doing a charge from there.


Jan 14, 2017

Actually this IS a problem and all loptops don't work that way. The normal behavior is when the laptop is not charging the battery after 95% but still using the AC power. In this case it is plugged, but works from battery.
Oct 3, 2018

This is an old thread, but the issue fits my experiences with a DELL Inspiron that I had since 2010 to a Tee. I don't have a ACPI Battery Complaint entry in my Device Manager (just 4 other ACPI entries: Lid, Power Button, Sleep Button, Thermal Zone. However, I was intrigued by your comment re safety feature to ensure it doesn't over charge and that's why it switches from wall power to battery power, requiring unplug/plug of wall power line to get it back to wall power. Mine is like clockwork now 7 years after buying the DELL new and every 7 to 7.5 days. Was longer, I believe, in past. I see no System Events associated with this, which makes it impossible to diagnose. Dell had originally had me try different power cord adapter which didn't resolve it. So they shook their heads and essentially said live with it or send to their repair facility. I chose not to since this was common and reported constantly on Internet across many other brands. The only solution I had was simply unplug and immediately plug back in.

I like your other comment re removing battery while plugged in if you use it only in that mode. Other posts seem to supply more detail as to why it is better to do this to extend battery life. Worth a try. Guess I'll find out quickly in 7-8 days whether I can power on without ever unplugging and plugging back in again, or whether removing the battery had no effect in the endless power issue. Anyway, thanks for proving some insight.

Has anybody with this issue tried removing battery and results?
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