Polk soundbar, LGtv and Mohu Leaf not playing nice


Oct 31, 2014
I have an LG 47lk520, Polk Audio soundbar 3000, both work fine together. Hooked up via optical cord. However, we are looking to drop our satellite. So, I connected the Mohu Leaf via the coax cable, just to test out the reception. Great reception, but there is no sound through the soundbar. There is sound through tv though. Hubby wouldn't be happy if soundbar doesn't work. Is there another way to set it up? I'm totally lost. Tried all the channels/sources on soundbar. Only option in tv is to turn speakers on/off. Thanks for advice!!!
Well there 3.5mm on the soundbar then. Thought it was RCA.

Couldn't find the specific manual for the TV only a generic one so it was hard to tell if it had optical or not.

Is the receiver connected directly to the soundbar or the TV then the TV to the soundbar?