Possible problem with bios? any elp would be apprecated


Nov 18, 2012
Ok so i am having a problem with my Toshiba laptop. I received an update from the toshiba service station software on my computer for bios 2.7 and, trusting the source of the update, i installed it. After wards i was unable to start windows, because it would freeze on the starting windows screen with the icon. I am also unable to launch startup repair or safe mode. I have formatted the hard drive and re imaged it back to several months ago but it still freezes. I have also tried to completly re install windows from scratch but that doesnt work either. I do know it is not the hard drive because i am currently running windows and typing this using that drive in an older laptop. Any tips or suggestions would be a huge help because i have no idea where to go from here. Thanks so much.