Possible to certain upgrades on a laptop


Oct 8, 2012
i want to buy (for the time being until i can afford my wanted gaming rig) the newly announced acer timelineU M5-481PT-6488 laptop which is esesntailly the timeline m5 with touch screen support and windows 8 built in (im going to dual it with windows 7)

question 1 can i upgrade the CPU to an intel i7 3610QM or a mobile Ivy Bridge quad core CPU over the dual core intel i5 3317UB thats built in

question 2 can i upgrade the video card to a GT650m 2GB over the GT 640m LE built in


Oct 9, 2006
On a cpu upgrade unless you want to voice your warranty by disassembling the laptop to attempt a swap the answer is no. The other big issue standing in your way is BIOS cpu support ie your BIOS may not even support the i7. Secondly and more importantly I'd wager that cooling will probably not be adequate to cool the quad core i7. On the graphics front that's a firm nope. Most laptops even those with dedicate graphics the chip is soldered to the board and even those where the card is removal or upgradeable the cost is prohibitively expensive. To give you an example to get an upgraded GPU for my M14x on ebay the upgrade kit is nearly $700 when the entire machine with a bunch of other upgrades brand new is $1600 so it's really not worth your time to bother.


That laptop is an ultra book. Ultra books are low power, low heat, low performing thin laptops. You cannot upgrade either. That cpu and gpu are specifically low power versions to be suitable for the inadequate cooling of ultra books. The power brick would also not provide enough power.

Kind of off topic, but 2gb on a 650m is useless since it's not very powerful.