Potential malware problem.


Nov 14, 2017
It happened today. Without thinking i was trying to download Power Point from site called Jaleco :(
Didn't know anything about this site. I started the instalator with avoiding installing any addons to my browser. Anti-virus (Free Avast) was silent. Then instalation progress went backwards (?). It was strange so i tried to close the instalator but it didnt let me so i turned off my computer. I did quick research on my phone about this site and result ''jaleco virus'' showed up. I was scared. I started to run every scan which i could avast didnt find anything. Then I uinstalled avast and installed ESET32. Eset also didnt find anything as well as ESET Online Scanner. Maybe im freaking out but im not really a computer guy. Is there any other way i can make sure if my computer is safe? As for now there is no adds showing up but i cant say if pc is working slow because im not using it very often. Im more concerned about being watched.