powered sub w/speaker hook upe


May 24, 2015
will sound work if I hook up speakers to klipsch powered sub woofer. it has speaker outlets..or is it a waste of time? I was thinking of taking two of my speakers from the 7.1 set up and hook them up to the sub woofer. Is this possible? How? What do I need to do to listen to all 8 speakers at the same time?
If this is a Klipsch sub for home theater (not pc) then there is no amp in it for the full range speakers. It has speaker level inputs and outputs in case you don't have a sub output and want to connect it through the amplifier speaker outputs. Then the speakers play as the sub just taps the signal but not the power.
You will need a 7.1 channel surround sound receiver to get all the speakers to play.