Preffering laptop on pc


Dec 8, 2011
Hi, i wanted to buy the following system
i5,2500k , Asus p8z68-v-pro ,1333mhz 8gb corsair value select RAM , coolermaster silent pro 600 watt PSU , hyper 212 evo cpucooler , antec 300 case ,seagate 500gb 16mb cache


then i read the views about the asus mobo and now i m quite dissappointed with the stability and performance of this mobo , every1 is complaining about RAM issues booting issues , bios issues and many more about this mobo where as i noticed that almost all the victims of this mobo have very good hardware combinations. that should not have to creat any compatibility issue , surprising really very surprising and shocking for me ..... :pfff: :fou: :(


now i m thinking of buying this laptop

Dell inspirion N5110,15R
i7-2760QM , 6GB RAM , 1GB Nividia GeForce 525m , 760 GB harddrive ,2 USB 3.0 ports HDMI , VGA :eek:

i m a hardcore multitasker , internet browser and an entusiastic gamer

the only reason of my prefrence to laptop is i simply couldnot afford issues because i have a busy life and i cannot afford time wasting in driver updates bios updates an mobo warrenty claming in case if it squeezes me down, i also don't have much money to spend these days becz i m a medical student.. :cry:

kindly give me some good piece of advice should i buy the system or laptop , thanks in advance :bounce:


Dec 8, 2011

Bro unfortunately the damn distibuters here don't deal in GIGABYTE, ASROCK EVGA and other Mobo's the only deal in ASUS and Intel even MSI might be hard to find out . in case of intel motherboards they have old H55 and P67 chipset mobos i only find One mobo here with Z68 chipst which is Intel DZ68DB , i also searched about DZ68DB mobo many people also complain about it with diffrent problems , realy i am getting crazy .
but this is the only choice left behind

IntelDZ68DB ,i5-2500k ,8GB kingston 1333mhz, GTX 550ti 2GB inno3D, Antec 300 , hyper212evo cpucooler ,coolermaster 600watts silentpro PSU,

is yhis system capable of running good games like crisis , Battlefield ,GTA and other good games ..... will u recomend this ? how many stars u will give this
out of five (*****)
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