Prevent HDMI from using Monitor Speakers!

Mar 31, 2018
I have a key issue with my new monitor. My speakers cannot connect directly to it and so refuse to work. I have seen previous threads and have followed their advice to no avail. I have 'speakers' (Realtek High def audio as default and Realtek Digital Output but only static. No HDMI based options are even there and all but the speakers and Realtek DIgital Output are off!
Having checked and rechecked connections I have found that I have no control over the output. My only thought is that my PC doesnt recognise my speakers and that is the issue but searching for a device yields nothing no matter how I connect them to the PC and they have no PC drivers. (SW-G2.1 2000 Speakers).

The Speakers do work if I hook them up to my tablet or phone. Im stuck with a silent PC and no real options! Please Help!!!!!
Mar 31, 2018

I did use the green, what is the alternative? there are blue and pink. I understand blue in input and pink is mic...
Glad about no Audio drivers so no issue there!
I've been in the Video control panel incessantly and have had no luck, I test the speakers and nothing. Not even a change in the static!

If its a combo of using the wrong input and then needing to edit the settings in the audio control then maybe!

When you select HDMI for Video only, is that a setting somewhere out of sight???

Progress! it occurred that I may have been looking in the wrong menu... My HDMI is linked through my Graphics card, bypassing my motherboard! I found an option of screen that states 'set up digital audio' Under HDMI it has my screen - Samsung S22F350. This I can edit to Turn off audio. However after I apply it then restart the PC there is NO change. Not sure why! With no HDMI sound and speakers set as default.... (It is NVIDIA Control Panel)

Even if I unplug the HDMI then (Having hovered the mouse over the refresh before) refresh a running youtube page there is still nothing but static!
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