Question Pro 12 tablet: How to create files to categorize & store pdf files?

Feb 12, 2019
Pro 12 tablet: How to create files to categorize & store pdf files? I bought it strictly for the purpose of creating files and sub files of pdf sheet music documents. I am used to Apple devices. I was able to download a pdf file from my email, but I am totally clueless as to how to create files to store pdfs in, preferably on the desk-top. I would also like to be able to transfer all the music files that I have on my iMac and iPad onto the Pro 12 tablet. Any help or suggested how-to resourceswill be GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you!
You can't create a 'file' to store a PDF in. You can create a folder, sure, but not a file. Unless you are talking a say list of the PDFs, then you just need a notepad for the tablet.

Your best bet is to use the "File Manager" app on the tablet to organize the PDFs into a single folder. You can then download them directly to that folder. If your tablet doesn't have a "File Manager" app (some don't) you can easily download one from the google play store.

As to moving the other files, since they are on incompatible devices you can either upload the files from your Apple devices to an online account (not an Apple account) and then download them to the new device. Or you can move/copy the files from your other devices to an empty folder on a computer, and then move/copy them from the computer over to the new tablet.
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