Probelm with encrypting 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate

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I tried to encrypt the whole disk using system partition creation tool. When I tried creating the rescue disc Windows gave me an 8004005 error when it tried to verify the burn. I tried another disc and got the same error. So, I tried a 3rd Party burning program called ImgBurn. This time I chose to burn at 1x, but the program stated the slowest I could burn was at 4x. It gave me a different error (cannot recall exactly what it was) but it's probably similar to the Windows error I got. However, I chose to continue, and it cycled my DVD drive, and the verification passed. Veracrypt also stated that the ISO was verified as well. After this, I chose to wipe data using the 7-pass method. I rebooted with the DVD rescue disc in the drive, & I was prompted to enter my password to boot Windows. After I did so, the prompt moved down a line, but nothing happened. I had not encrypted Windows at this point.

Figuring something went wrong, I tried booting straight to the hard drive where the OS is installed. After entering my password, the same thing happened (prompt moved down a line, but nothing happened.) So I booted to the rescue disc again & skipped authentication. After Windows loaded up, I got a prompt from Veracrypt to either encrypt the drive or not. I chose not to, because I figured the rescue disc was bad.

When I restarted the computer, I was prompted to put in my Veracrypt password again. Confused, I chose to decrypt the drive. After entering my password again, nothing happened. I rebooted again, this time choosing to restore the original boot loader (Windows). It asked me if the system was decrypted, & I chose no (wasn't sure if it was....nothing seem to happen when I tried to, so I figured it wasn't). Then it prompted me to decrypt the drive first.

I have no idea what is going on. Windows loads fine, but why is the boot-loader there, if I chose not to encrypt the system due to the test failing? I assume it failed because nothing happened when I entered my password. Yes, I am sure I entered it correctly. Do I need to be a little more patient when entering the password, or is my only solution to make the pre-boot authentication disappear is to re-install Windows?

I have a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-H553A DVD drive that I salvaged from an old Dell XPS computer & I used Sony DVD+R Ver. 1.3 disc capable of burning at 1x - 16x speeds. Tried burning a test disc, but got the same error in ImgBurn.
Encrypting the drive and installing the bootloader are different steps. It sounds like you have an installed bootloader, but not an encrypted drive.

If you answer 'yes' when it asks you if the drive is decrypted, it should restore the normal Windows bootloader.

Is this a cracked copy of Windows?



Unfortunately, yes it is. I realize that support isn't offered for such copies, but I didn't have the money to buy a license. However, it seems I only get the Veracrypt bootloader only when I have the DVD I made in the DVD drive. Booting straight to the hard disk starts Windows fine and everything seems to be okay.

So what now?
Many cracks involve modifying the bootloader to stop Windows picking up on being cracked. The encryption could either bypass that, or just screw it up.

MS makes Windows available for free to students, if you are one.

The cheaper editions are more like ~$90 than the ridiculous prices Ultimate can be found for.

Time to switch to a free OS, or buy windows.
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