Problem with Network Controller on Lenovo X220


May 3, 2017
Hello there,

A friend of mine gave me a laptop he built (an old Lenovo X220), installed with Gnome. I need MS Office for work and figured the easiest way to get it would be to install Windows. I clean installed Windows 7 32, which went fine. However, I can't get my wireless to work.

When I go to Device Manager, my network adapter seems fine (it is an Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network). However, there are exclamation marks by the Network Controller and indeed by all other devices listed under 'Other devices'. I have tried installing and re-installing drivers from both the Lenovo and Intel websites and have used all of their diagnostic tools, but with no luck. I know the problem isn't hardware failure, because the wifi on the laptop was working fine when it was running Linux. So I'm beginning to feel stuck.

If anyone can provide any help I'd be extremely grateful!

See if you can borrow an external WiFi card from someone and connect that via USB. If it works, then your internal card isn't working and will need replacing. Or you can stick with using an external one.

If the external one doesn't work either, then I would start to wonder if there is something else going on with the laptop.

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