Question Problem with Radeon graphics card (E580 Thinkpad) some games running slow

Apr 19, 2019
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I've recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop (Model: E580) And I'm having a lot of problems with trying to play certain games.

I looked on the manufacturers website, and it says that this model should have a AMD Radeon RX 550 Mobile. This is confirmed when I run GPU-z. The name of the grahics card is just simply "Radeon 500 series" which I find a little strange. Shouldn't it be called "RX 550"? It's the same name under device manager. Screenshot of GPU-z: View:

I am having stuttering problems whenever I try to launch games that this laptop should have no problem running. Like Rocksmith, Starcraft 2 or CS:GO. But here's the thing, other games with similar graphics requirements run absolutely fine. So I'm really confused as to whats going on.

Here's an example: I recently downloaded Borderlands GOTY edition through Steam. But I cant even get through the menu screen due to the horrible stuttering. i would hover my mouse over the text, and then 3 seconds later the text would turn blue. I tried another game called "Talos prinicple" (also through Steam) and it runs perfectly. But the graphics requirements for Talos Principle are much higher then Borderlands.

Screenshot of AMD software, showing that I meet the requirements: View:

So far I've tried AMDs auto driver detector tool, which updated something but still no change. I've tried updating the graphics card using device manger (no change). I've tried disabling the built-in graphics on this laptop in device manager (no change). I've tried a few other drivers from AMDs website...yep, no change.

If anyone has any idea of what's going on, please let me know
If it is not functioning correctly, I suggest you contact either the seller about an exchange, if purchased that recently, or if past that point, contact the manufacturer.

The specs, as far as I find, say what you are trying to do/play should work fine. Perhaps there is a flaw in the system.