Problem with recovering files on Debian Jessie (Bunsenlabs).


May 25, 2016
Hi guys, I was wondering how you guys recover your deleted files on Bunsenlabs (lb). Currently, I installed lb on my old Dell laptop and everything run smoothly. One day, I was trying to put file into a folder then it disappeared all in a sudden after rebooting the laptop. I got an error message that I haven't seen before instead of the replacing error massage. I know it's hard for most of us but that was an error message that I haven't seen since I started to use Bunsenlabs.

I am going to try to describe the situation that I faced as accurate as I can. I had a folder named Videos under /home/USERNAME (john)/Downloads. One day, I downloaded a video (let's call it A2.mp4) from the Internet but I did not know I already got that (let's call it A2.mp4) in Videos folder. Usually, I would put my videos into my Videos folder and PDF files into PDF folder etc. So, I was trying to put A2.mp4 into Videos folder (remember, A1.mp4 still in Videos folder). Then, an error message popped up and says (I don't remember, I am really sorry)...

Do you guys have any idea how to deal with this?