Problems installing mini PCI-E usb card


Jun 5, 2013
My usbs have recently died on my lenovo y460p laptop and i figured I could get some more life out of my comp by isntalling a usb card in the mini pci-e bay on the motherboard.

I got this from newgg:

When I put the card in the slot, the computer doesn't recognize the card. It is surely seatd right, as there is only 1 way it goes in, and the screws match. I also see I have the drivers installed in programs.

There are 4 pins on the card, and I'm thinking maybe it needs an additional power source?

Any ideas?



Jun 5, 2013

I read the same thing, so ended up routing a wire from the one of the usb ports that had power to where the usb card is located. Using a multimeter i confirmed that it has 5v. But I'm not sure where to put the wire on the connector, or if I need to ground it somehow. The manual on the card is literally 4 sentences saying plug it in and install the drivers.
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