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  1. G

    Laptop with external gpu problem

    Hello. I have laptop 'toshiba satellite l300 1a2' and im trying to connect to it 'gtx 1060 3gb' using this riser: My laptop just doesnt boot when i turn on power supply for gpu. I also tryed using different gpu (dont remember its name, will remember...
  2. PetarV

    Will RX Vega 56 work in the eGPU adapter EXP GDC?

    I'm doing an eGPU set up and I'm choosing between the 1070 (I know it works with my laptop and the adapter) and the Vega 56 (not sure if it works). I know the 56 is a bit better than the 1070 in terms of performance (plus that nVidia is f*cking with the drivers) but the main question is will it...
  3. C

    Can I connect the exp gdc with another cable I can't put it in the mini pci my wifi antenna is much smaller what can I do?

    Can I connect the exp gdc with another cable I can't put it in the mini pci my wifi antenna is much smaller what can I do?
  4. C

    Does the [Mini PCI-E Version] V8.0 EXP GDC Laptop External Independent Video Card Dock work??

    Was just wondering whether this external GPU would work with a GTX 908 ti. I have an MSI GE62 apache pro: CPU: intel i7-4720 HQ GPU: GTX 907m OS: Win 10 Thanks
  5. Z

    Mini Pcie slot

    hey i own an elitebook 8440p i was wondering where is the mini pci e slot ...... i cant see upfront any advise would be appreciated :)
  6. MinecraftKid45

    What would happen if a lower wattage was used than the minimum?

    I have this Mini PCIe to PCIe adapter for my laptop, though, everytime I turn it on, there is just a black screen. Is this the cause of the PSU only being 300w? I am asking because I don't want to go buy a new PSU and that not be the issue. Thanks! The GPU I am referring to is a EVGA GTX 950
  7. S

    intel dual band wireless ac 7265, super micro x10slv-q

    Hey, I have never opened up a computer, I could figure out the mini pci port on supermicrox10slv-.q board, now I need to install a intel dual wireless ac 7265 card on it. How do I do that? Later, I need to get the drivers for it for windows 7 & 10, and also check if the module allows for an...
  8. C

    How fast is mini PCI Express?

    Also, how does it compare to a full sized PCI express in terms of data rate (bandwidth)? Bonus question, is there a SIMPLE way to figure out how much bandwidth a GPU will require? Is a mini PCIe adequately quick enough to use a GPU as a peripheral? Finally, is there any way to make a mini...
  9. C

    Can someone explain what different PCI slots do?

    Hi there, I am a laptop user and have relatively good tech knowledge but I am running into some confusion over inputs/outputs. I am looking into using an external GPU setup for my laptop and am aware of the predicaments and have heard the classic 'just get a new___' , I can't, I'm a student so...
  10. A

    trying to uninstall a BCM43142 802.11b/g/n from a Toshiba C55-C5241 (PSCPJU-00R011)

    I am trying to install a new AC Wifi card in my Toshiba C55-C5241 (Part No. PSCPJU-00R011, Serial No. 7F272936C). I have a Broadcom BCM43142 802.11b/g/n Wireless Network card (as confirmed by AIDA). I had read that this was a relatively easy thing to do for a hardware noob like me. Finding...
  11. D

    DIY eGPU Newb. Need help for this. Thanks.

    hello, I'm new here, i want to ask a few questions about diy eGPUs. 1. can i use a SATA-expresscard adapter to connect the eGPU?(I don't have an expresscard slot, thunderbolt, and i have only one mpcie slot thats being used by wifi card) 2. If it is impossible, can i replace the Wi-Fi card...
  12. R

    Lenovo Y500 mPCI-E

    Hello there! So, im thinking about getting a egpu to my Lenovo Y500. I can see there is a free MPCI-E slot in my laptop. Do you think it will work?
  13. P

    Toshiba laptop S55t-B5233 Got Mini PCI-e slot for e-GPU ?

    Can i ask my Toshiba S55t-B5233 got Mini PCI-e inside or Wifi card using Mini PCI-e slot? Cause i want to use e-GPU on this laptop but can't find any document talk if Toshiba S55t-B5233 got mini PCI-e inside. I read spec on Toshiba site...
  14. A

    Laptop boot up but no display and beeping sound when press key

    My laptop lenovo G470 boot up but no display. This occur after i disable my integrated gpu and enable the pcie gpu that i connect using exp gdc beast. But, when it reboot, the laptop wont show any display and i dont hear any windows startup that i usually heard. The status LED also not blinking...
  15. B

    Whats better? New laptop, mini pci-e to pci-e or express to pci-e adapter.

    I have recently bought a hp pavilion 15-p088tx touch grey. would it be possible to use a pci-e adapter? the laptop has a full covered back with only a removable battery, and no express adapter. is it possible that i could use a hdmi port with a pci-e gpu adapter?
  16. N

    Alienware 14 Laptop External GPU

    Tl;dr kinda guy? Here's it short: I have an Alienware 14 laptop that has a mini Displayport, mSata/mPCI-e port, and another mPCI-e port for the WiFi card. I do not want to build a desktop, I want to have an external GPU that can be attached to my laptop. Is this possible? Thanks...
  17. S

    pls i need to use mini PCIe storage to my empty slot on my aspire ethos 5951g ......

    i have aspire ethos 5951g with a 750G HDD and this laptop have a one empty mini PCIe slot and i want to use mini PCIe storage for system installing ....... May i use this slot to add mini PCIe SSD ?????? And if i may what is the type recommended for this model ????? Thanks in advance...
  18. V

    Killer Wireless-N 1202 In HP Pavilion G6-2249WM

    Looking at upgrading my Mini PCI-E Wireless card in my HP Pavilion G6-2249 WM laptop. Was wondering if anyone knew if HP's are picky about what Mini Wireless NIC card they'll take?
  19. G

    Dead wireless on HP Pavilion G6-1325ea

    Hi all Have a problem with a HP Pavilion G6-1325ea just over a year old and just out of warranty (of course). The wireless has suddenly died and all traces of the wireless card have disappeared in windows as if the hardware doesn't exist. Checked that it is definitely not an OS problem and...
  20. P

    what is the updated intel wireless 3b 2100 mini pci adapter

    This is for Averatec 511oh laptop
  21. B

    Problems installing mini PCI-E usb card

    Hi, My usbs have recently died on my lenovo y460p laptop and i figured I could get some more life out of my comp by isntalling a usb card in the mini pci-e bay on the motherboard. I got this from newgg: When I put the card in the...
  22. J

    What this code is?

    Hi, I trying fix broken laptop. I used Mini-PCI-e POST debug card and i got code 0U from it. What it means? Laptop uses Phoenix bios. And laptop model is Fujitsu Siemens Amilo PA 2548. What code 0U means?
  23. DryCreamer

    I put an external video card on a laptop using the PE4H adapter

    check out my video: I didn't really have any problems with it, but your mileage may vary, some people report problems with memory allocations. This was attached the to underside mini PCI-E slot on a Acer 7741 that has the motherboard from a 7741G in...
  24. G

    Asus mini pci e wireless cards

    Hello, i have an acer aspire 5515 and want to upgrade the b/g wireless card for n.
  25. J

    IngFast KF1705MCJ32 JMF602 32GB mini PCI-e 70mm (MLC)

    Hi i need help about this; actually i want to install it but i want to be sure about effect on my laptop!!!
  26. G

    Intel r pro wireless lan 2100 3b mini pci adapter

    i need wap support on this device it only wep please help
  27. M

    Replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in an Asus G1S?

    For reasons that I will not go into as they are irrelevant (basically hardware failure) I have to replace the mini PCI-E WLAN adapter in my Asus G1S laptop -- and I do not want to use the same iwl4965 adapter. My question is simply, what alternative to the stock iwl4965 adapter is there? There...
  28. G

    HP Omnibook 6100 Mini-PCI - IDE

    Hello, I would like to know whether it is possible to use a non-HP mini-pci card in the Omnibook 6100. There are two mini-pci slots but I am not sure they can be used for other but HP's own devices. Thank you, Steve
  29. N

    Solved! mini pci

    where can I plug a mini pci diagnostics card into an Advent 7109 laptop
  30. H

    External GPU through mini PCI-e or ExpressCard slot

    External GPU for laptop... This thing makes sense if CPU-GPU memory transfer is minimal, which is true for those who use GPU for computation while leaving the CPU completely idle... and it makes a lot more sense if you have only a laptop which has no cuda-capable graphic card and are as broke as...
  31. A

    Mini PCI-E Riser/Multiplier?

    Does anyone know of a PCI-E minicard multiplier? I have got one of the new tablets with a open mini PCI-E slot, but I have two cards I want to pop in. As of yet google hasnt turned up anything. There are tons of regular PCI-E risers but cannot seem to find any mini pci-e risers...
  32. S

    Mini PCI-E wifi- most powerfull card??

    a search did not turn anything up. I very much apologize if I missed a previous answer. What is the most powerful mPCIe wifi card ? I see several Gigabyte cards with an Atheros chipset pop up on a web and ebay search. Shows a GN-WI06N-RH (a,b,g,n) , GN-WI01GT (b,g), and a GN-WS31N...
  33. B

    Intel celeron wireless mini pci card

    I've got a Dell Inspiron 6000 that was given to me without any wireless card. What cards will work best in this laptop?
  34. W

    Can I swap a mini-PCI card for another?

    I had a Dell E1505, with a 3945ABG. This card was great, worked well with Kismet, and other networking tools. Loved it. I had to up(down)grade to a Dell 1440, and it has this dinky little mini PCI card. I opened it up, and it has the same connections, but it's half the size. Do I need to hae...
  35. S

    Solved! Can i change my wireless to this ??

    i have Pavilion DV5-1112ea notebook with internal mini pci wireless (Atheros AR5007EG) it support only A/B/G i contact HP..if i can change my wireless..they told me yes u can my question is... since my mini wireless didn't support /N can i have a mini pci wireless support A/G/N ?? regards
  36. D

    Mini PCIe, hard drive interface?

    What are the terms, or nicknames, for "Mini PCI Express," or "PCI Express Mini?" I mean this: What I'm trying to find is a hard drive interface. Preferably SATA if it exists, or USB if not. I want to mount a second hard drive internally in my...
  37. mikeyp410

    Intel Pro/Wireless 291ABG Mini Pci Card Issues

    Ok I have a older laptop that has a Celeron M in it and a Broadcom wireless mini pci card in it. I wanted to upgrade the CPU with a Pentium M and Upgrade the wireless card to a Intel Prol/Wireless 2915ABG Card. So i did this right and everytime I load the driver for the card I get a error in...
  38. G

    Looking for Laptop Antenna

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hello all, I just bought a new mini-pci card for my laptop (Intel 2915ABG) but my laptop has no 802.11a antenna. Does anyone know where I can get one?