Laptop boot up but no display and beeping sound when press key


Aug 27, 2015
My laptop lenovo G470 boot up but no display. This occur after i disable my integrated gpu and enable the pcie gpu that i connect using exp gdc beast. But, when it reboot, the laptop wont show any display and i dont hear any windows startup that i usually heard. The status LED also not blinking as it used to be. It just light up as i power up but disappeared in second. Also, when i press any button, beep sound came out. Its like a piano except same sound is produce. The step i already done:
1) unplug all battery n power, press the on button for 60seconds for 5times. Failed
2) take out the RAM and test one by one. Even use my friend's RAM. Failed
3) use other display. Failed
4) my last attempt, reset cmos. I taken out the cmos battery for 1hour and put back. Failed
I this the end of my laptop?
I5 2nd gen
Amd hd 6300m
Just upgraded genuine windows 10(i think this not the cause)
Watch this link for more information about my problem.
Hi Azri21,

It could have something to do with device you installed in your laptop (exp gdc beast). Remove the device first then remove the CMOS battery off the laptop for a minute then put it back then turn it back on, that should have reset your BIOS into default were it turns on the integrated graphics card back on. Once you got the display back you try and reconfigure your laptop using that device your trying to install again.


Aug 27, 2015

I already taken out the device and remove cmos. But my laptop still behave the same. Its like the bios is not reseting.

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