Problems with charging port for a Dell Inspiron 5559


Oct 25, 2016
I bought a Dell Inspiron in December, and it's functioned well since then.

Some days ago I forgot my original Dell charger at a friend's house. Then I found a Targus universal charger I had in my storage.

On that charger, there's plenty of charger tips to choose from. In the end I found a pretty long charger tip, that seemed to work with my Dell PC. Since it was Targus, it doesn't charge the computer, and stronly reduces the performance, but it keeps the computer alive at 0% power.

But now that I received my original Dell charger, it doesn't work. When I put it in, nothing happens, and it seems it's possible to wriggle it around inside of the port.

Therefore I wonder if the Targus-charger damaged my port, even though the Targus-charger still functions okay, if the charging tip is locked all the way inside. But it still makes my computer act like an old 100 Mhz, so that's not optimal at all.

What can I do now?
You could have damaged the charging port or maybe the circuit inside the laptop if you did not match the power output of the targus and the tip you used to the laptop.