PS4 can connect to Computer screen? (total newbie questions)


Apr 17, 2016

first of all, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for a thread like this, I hope moderators don't mind

I never owned a console, or play one, I have zero information about them, I was wondering I must connect my playstation 4 (if ı buy one) to a huge home TV screen to play games? or I can connect to my LCD screen as well? if yes, that can cause issues like flickering?

also I heard there's a monthly fee to play online games on a console, is that true? if so, how

and probably I can't connect my keyboard and mouse to a console via USB, cause I never experienced a controller

thanks in advance


Jul 22, 2013

I've had consoles connected to monitors over HDMI, works fine but depending on whether or not yours has speakers you may need a set of those (Strangly my old Samsung had audio out but no speakers). In addition the PS$ supports KB and mouse, though it is game dependent.


You can connect as lond as it has a free hdmi port ps plus cost £6 per month im not sure about the mouse and keyboard but im pretty sure you can buy something which allows you to
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