quality compact camera with internet?


Nov 13, 2013

I want to buy my husband a new camera for Christmas. He currently has a conon. I know nothing about cameras but it says on it things like EOS 20D. digital. ultrasonic. tiffen. EFS. he has multiple big fancy-looking lenses.

the problem is, it is bulky and heavy and therefore he usually just ends up using his iphone on day/weekend trips/outings/hikes/etc. rather than lugging around an extra camera bag.

so I would like to get him something that is pocket-able and easy to grab and go. with internet, Wi-Fi capabilities so he can easily and instantly upload to a cloud, email, fb, etc.

one that happens to be able to use his lenses still would be an amazing bonus, not sure if that exists... does that happen? would it have to be canon in order to share lenses or are those camera specific? told you I know nothing... please help!! =]
What is your budget for this camera? I could be wrong but I doubt that you will find a pocket-able camera that will be able to use his existing lenses. I only say that because it wouldn't be very pocket-able with one of those lenses attached.
There are plenty of cameras that have Wi-Fi capability and the Samsung GC120 Galaxy Digital Camera has 3G (AT&T) and 4G LTE (Verizon) connectivity but those are $498 (AT&T) and $548 (Verizon).