Question about earbuds with microphone


Dec 22, 2013
looking to buy some nice quality earbuds that made for a cellphone and also buying the converter

I'm wanting decent quality sound/mic and also wanting to be able to mute the mic on and off so people on games don't have to hear me breathing into the mic 24/7 :p...

All I see is the click to answer/hangup/mute, but I don't know if it's click and it stayed muted until you click it again or is it like the old style I remember you hold down the button to mute and when you release it unmuted.

also I don't want the sound to cut off when I'm using the mic too, like some features I saw on some of the mics. It's hard to search when I have to read the reviews and hope someone ask if the mute button is the style I like or not :(..

Which style is more comfortable for earbuds? The one's that wrap around the your ear or the ones that just slide right in? I don't like wearing headsets, and would like to take the cheap "route" out and spend around less than $15 on a pair.

Thanks for any help/opinions!