Question about Video Recording using a Point and Shoot Camera


Jul 13, 2014
I recently purchased a Canon SX710HS Point and Shoot camera and had the opportunity to do some video recording this weekend, but ran into a huge wall.

Due to the exFat and fat32 limitation of files being a max of 4GB, I couldn't record video longer than about 16 minutes (1080p@30fps). It would stop recording and I would have to restart manually. There doesn't seem to be an ability for this camera to automatically start recording once the file size limit is reached.

So my question is, is there a P&S camera out there that allows for 1080p @30fps with stereo audio with the ability to continuously record? It wouldn't bother me if I end up with 100 4GB files, I just want it to not stop recording.

I'd like to be able to set the camera and walk away knowing it will continuously record for as long as the battery will last. FYI: A full charged battery only last 1h16m recording at 1080p@30fps, so a longer lasting battery would be beneficial and/or the ability to plug in. For a P&S, plug-in is probably not available.

If you are in the US the Panasonic DMC-FZ200 may do the job for you. According to the specs it will record up to 100 minutes in the MP4 format. I have searched and some say it will record until you use up the memory card or the battery dies.

AVCHD (Continuous recordable time [motion pictures]) approx. 160 min (PSH), 180 min(FSH)
MP4 (Continuous recordable time [motion pictures]) approx. 200 min (FHD)
AVCHD (Actual recordable time [motion pictures]) approx. 80 min (PSH), 90 min (FSH)
MP4 (Actual recordable time [motion pictures]) approx. 100 min (FHD)

However, I would recommend doing some research first. What is your budget for the camera? This would help in searching for one that suits your needs.
The thing to look for in the specs is the approximate total movie time recordable. Of course this will vary by the size of the memory card.

For example: Canon PowerShot G5 X (scroll down until you see "Time of Recordable Movies"