question Report Corrupt Outlook 2007 pst file

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Jul 14, 2015
I am using Outlook 2007 on a Windows 7 system. Yesterday I needed to restore the system drive from a previous drive image, so I saved my Outlook personal folder file to a different drive, and then copied it back to the Outlook folder after the restore operation. Outlook would not start, reporting that the pst file was corrupt. I ran the Inbox Repair Tool, which found and fixed errors, but Outlook continued to report that the file was corrupt. I have Outlook 2000 on a different machine running Windows XP, and this pst file works OK on that system. If there is a way to make it usable on my Windows 7 machine, I would appreciate it. The file is greater than 40MB in size, so it is not attached.
Try opening Outlook in its Safe Mode and if that doesn't do the trick, use the Repair option.

Step two - ignore any links posted here for third party .pst and .ost software - most, if not all, of it is utterly useless and we don't always get to kill the Spammers who post it quickly enough.
Second thought - was the other drive you saved it to the one which also runs Outlook 2000? I'm thinking it became, what in Microsoft's eyes would be "corrupted", by being opened in the much earlier version.

If this theory flies, putting it back there then importing it into the 2007 system rather than simpy pasting it back in, might make it work.
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